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*Pictured tire may not be representative of all size configurations.

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The CV400 covers popular sizes for the global fleet of commercial vans. The full range carries the ‘C’ designation for higher load rated commercial vehicle use. While these types of vans have been prevalent for years in many countries, their growth in the US is just starting. Recent industry statistics show that the original equipment size for Ford Transit and Ram Pro Master, 235/65R16, has jumped to the number three OE light truck tire size in the United States. These vehicles use their tires and demand frequent replacement.


  • 16 inch
    Atturo Item Number Size Speed/Load Overall Dia. Inches Section Width Approved Rim Width Tread Depth 32nd/Inches Max PSI Max Load Single LBS Max Load Dual LBS
    CV400-I0066653 205/65R16C 8PR 107/105R 26.5 209 5.5 - 6.5 11 69 2150 2040
    CV400-I0066647 215/65R16C 8PR 109/107R 27 221 6.0 - 7.0 12 69 2270 2150
    CV400-I0066645 235/65R16C 10PR 121/119R 28 240 6.5. - 7.5 12 83 3195 3000
    CV400-I0066649 205/75R16C 8PR 110/108R 28.1 203 5.0 - 6.0 11 69 2335 2205
    CV400-I0066650 215/75R16C 8PR 113/111R 28.7 216 5.5 - 6.5 12 65 2535 2405
    CV400-I0066652 225/75R16C 10PR 121/120R 29.3 223 5.5 - 6.5 12 83 3195 3085


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CV400 Design Features:

  • The Atturo CV400 tread pattern is designed just for the commercial van application.
  • The broad shoulder blocks with deep sipes provide stable handling for high center of gravity vehicles.
  • The interlocking chevron center blocks maintain directional tracking.
  • The three center channels improve water dispersion for improved traction and braking.
  • A highly durable tread compound supports the 40,000 mile tread wear warranty.
  • The wide footprint make it a perfect tire for OEM replacement for utility vans such as the Sprinter. The four rib tread pattern is optimized for stability.
  • The CV400 size range is certified for international markets.

Designed for the Fast-Growing Commercial Van Market Segment
This hard working tire is designed for the commercial van segment such as the Ford Transit and Ram Pro Master. These vehicles have become increasingly popular for all types of urban service and delivery fleets. The segment opportunities have expanded into consumer markets as the modern full size van for camping, luxury conversions and group transportation. The extension of the Atturo range for this category is a natural complement to the brand’s dedication to the Light Truck market segment.

The CV400 Comes With A 40,000 Mile Warranty:
The utility fleet segment is a fast growing area of the vehicle market. Replacement tire demand for these vehicles is set to explode over the coming few years. Atturo's CV400 is ready to meet the need with a tread pattern that is capable of performance in all seasons.

Atturo adds more value to this already exceptional tire with a 40,000 mile limited warranty.