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About Us


Atturo Tire stirs the rebel in us and empowers the “out-doers” to chase adventure with badass, high-quality LT & SUV tires. Atturo is a private brand tire company, started in 2009. We began with a plan to bring high quality and unique tires to the SUV and Light Truck segment at an affordable price point. With global market experience and innovative sizes and designs, Atturo saw the opportunity to create a brand in partnership with world class manufacturers while all others simply chased the cheapest supplier. Our tires cost a little more, but they are worth a lot more. At the same time, Atturo won’t rip you off for something just because it is new or we are one of few who produce a size. We are about fun and value.

The first success for the brand was in staggered sizes in our performance tire range. Atturo was one of the first brands available outside of the OE suppliers with these sizes. That success was followed by the menacing Trail Blade M/T. Atturo helped open up the modern off-road category with our exciting design inspired by Quartermaster knives. Not only was the sidewall one of the most aggressive on the market, the tire was mudslinging winner. With the distinctive double pronged shoulder tread, the Trail Blade M/T went on to claim multiple wins in short course off road racing, crossed the world in overland expeditions and claimed wins in desert racing.

Atturo continued the growth of the Trail Blade series with knife blade inspired treads to the market innovating hybrid Trail Blade X/T, workhorse Trail Blade A/T and the hardcore Trail Blade BOSS. The performance AZ series continued with Atturo offering one of the first Run Flat tires for SUV from a private brand. The winter and touring segments, and even trailer and commercial van round out the program

Today, ten years later, Atturo has become widely recognized as an expert in the SUV and 4x4 market. Distribution now covers thirty different countries. Having embraced the fastest growing segment of the automotive and aftermarket industry, Atturo is the answer to replacement and upgrade tires for more and more drivers around the world.

Take that truck, add some Atturo’s, and Go Your Own Way!